Royal Institute for International Relations



"Why 9/11 ? The root causes of terrorism"

The Royal Institute for International Relations (IRRI-KIIB), Brussels
Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael', The Hague

Egmont Palace, 20 November 2003
8 Place du Petit Sablon, 1000 Brussels


9.00-9.30: Reception of participants

9.30-9.40:  Welcome by Viscount Etienne Davignon

9.40 - 9.50: Introduction by Prof. Rik Coolsaet: his speech

9.50 - 11.10: Panel 1 * 9/11: Struggling with modernity

Chair: Mr. Hans Labohm, Institute Clingendael

Keynote speakers:

- Prof. Maurits Berger, Institute Clingendael: his speech

- Prof. Nader Fergany, Director, Almishkat Centre for Research and Training, Egypt: his speech

-Rapporteur: Prof. S. Petermann, Political Science Department, University of Liège: for the report, click here


11.30 - 13.00: Panel 2 - 9/11: Instrumentalising religion

Chair: Belgian Ambassador (ret.) A. Reyn

Keynote speakers:

- Prof. Steven Simon, Senior Analyst, RAND

- Prof. Olivier Roy, National Center for Scientific Research, Paris

 -Rapporteur: Dr. Sami Zemni, Third World Studies, University of Gent: for the report, click here


14:30-16:00: Panel 3 - 9/11: Contesting the world order

Chair: Mr. Marc Van Craen, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Keynote speakers:

- Prof. Rik Coolsaet, Director, Security & Global Governance Department, IRRI-KIIB: his speech

- Ms. Francesca Cook, DAC Network on Conflict, Peace and Development Co-operation, OECD

- Rapporteur : Prof. J. Wouters, Institute for International Law, KU Leuven


16.00-16:30: Synthesising by Rapporteurs
16.30-17:00: Closing address

Closing address by Jacques Simonet, State Secretary for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs, deputy to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.


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