Kris Pellegrims


+32 (0)2 213 70 11


Kris Pellegrims is Programme Manager of the Education and Training Programme of the Egmont Institute since 1 February 2020 and Director of  Administration and Services since end of March 2021.

Before joining the Institute, he worked for more than seven years in the ACP unit in the External Policies DG of the European Parliament. He supported European Parliamentarians in their work relating to African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, and in particular he was responsible for the activities of the Political Affairs Committee of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. In this framework, he also organized fact-finding and election observation missions with Members of the European Parliament in ACP countries. In addition, he was responsible for the Delegation for relations with the Pan-African Parliament.

Kris Pellegrims started his European career in 1996 in the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg. In 2000 he moved to the CFSP unit of the External Relations DG of the European Commission (2000 to 2012) where he contributed in successive positions to the shaping of the then new European Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) from a European Commission perspective (financial and project management).

Kris Pellegrims joined the Belgian army in 1975 to complete his education in the Royal Cadet School and the Royal Military Academy. He served 13 years as an officer in reconnaissance units: Escadron de reconnaissance Para-Cdo (Arlon, BE), 1ste Regiment Jagers te Paard (Arolsen, DE) and 3ème Régiment de Lanciers Parachutistes.