Challenges that lie ahead in the changing demographics of the EU


6 February 2023




Meeting room of the Egmont Institute, Rue des Petits Carmes 24A, B-1000 Brussels

Type of Event

Expert meeting

On invitation only


Egmont Institute

Building upon the concept note attached to this mail, the purpose of this gathering is to assess the opportunity and the scope of a policy-oriented research agenda that the Egmont Institute could develop in the coming months in the run up to a new EU legislative term.

Ms. Deša Srsen, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Vice-President for Democracy and Demography of the European Commission, will open the discussion on the future of the EU’s demography. This discussion will be an opportunity for the participants to exchange views on, inter alia, the intersections between the demographic transition and the green and digital agenda of the EU, the growing tension on intergenerational solidarity and the role of the EU in meeting the challenges that the demographic trends will induce.


(Photo credit: European commission)