Hans Hoebeke

Senior Associate Fellow

Central Africa, African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), Security Sector Reform (SSR)

Valerie Arnould

Senior Associate Fellow

Transitional Justice, Peacebuilding, Central Africa

Delina Goxho

Associate Fellow

Remote warfare and security in Europe and West Africa regions

European affairs

Florian Cortez

Joint Research Fellow

Artificial Intelligence, green and digital transition, EU digital policy, governance of emerging technologies, geopolitics, transatlantic relations, deep tech policy, Generative AI, sustainability, AI ethics, responsible innovation


Guillaume Van der Loo

Associate Fellow

EU trade and investment agreements, EU trade policy, EU external competences and EU neighbourhood relations

Sophie Heine

Associate Fellow

Euroscepticism and its alternatives, European federalism, European sovereignty, gender inequalities and EU policies & legislations in that field

Europe in the world


Ilana Bet-El

Senior Associate Fellow

EU, Transatlantic relationship, Russia and the Middle East , NATO-EU relations.

Marc Otte

Senior Associate Fellow

Middle East and North Africa, European Neighbourhood Policy, Instruments of EU CFSP, Crisis Management and Mediation.

Bart Dessein

Senior Associate Fellow

+32 (0)9 264 39 90; +32 (0)9 264 41 56

Modern and contemporary history of China, Chinese political philosophy, and New Confucianism

Education & Training


Valérie Rosoux

Senior Training Expert

Negotiation, the role of memory and transitional justice

Renier Nijskens

Senior Training Expert

All aspects of bilateral diplomacy

Sofie Rafrafi

Senior Training Expert

Civilian Crisis Management

Communications & Events

Administration & Services