Commemoration of the 2004 EU enlargement – REWEU Project


21 June 2024




University Foundation 11 Rue d'Egmont 1000 Brussels - Belgium

Type of Event



Egmont Institute

The Egmont Institute is organizing the launching event of the REWEU Project, dedicated to the Commemoration of the 2004 EU enlargement as a milestone in the European integration process.

First of a series, this public event seeks to increase awareness among citizens about the benefits of the enlargement and their shared history. It will be initiated by a celebratory opening keynote speech, followed by two panel discussions.

The first panel will explore the costs of non-enlargement based on a study conducted by members of the organizing consortium. The speakers of the second panel will bridge the commemoration with the Commission’s Communication on pre-enlargement reforms issued in March 2024.


This is an in-person event.




(Photo credit: European commission, wikimedia commons)