International diplomatic negotiations – the practitioner’s point of view


14 November 2023




Club Prince Albert, Rue des Petits Carmes 20, 1000 Brussels

Type of Event

Book presentation

On invitation only


Egmont Institute



International negotiations are the capstone of diplomacy. They can be seen from different angles. What about the practitioner’s viewpoint, the person versed in diplomatic negotiations? How do diplomats operate behind the closed doors of the meeting rooms? 

Raoul Delcorde, honorary ambassador of Belgium, professor at UCLouvain, wrote “Manuel de la négociation diplomatique internationale” (Handbook of international diplomatic negotiations), published recently. He will respond to questions and remarks by Jean De Ruyt, honorary ambassador of Belgium, senior associate fellow of Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations. The exchange will be in English, Qs an As will be in English, French and Dutch.

Please register by 10 November.

We look forward to your presence