It’s the End of the World as we know it. Or is it?


26 June 2019



In an era of apparently spiralling geopolitical rivalries, rising tides of nationalist movements and decaying multilateral regimes, there are good reasons to look at the world and wonder where it is headed. International trade, investments and strategic technologies have been reinvested by policymakers as conduits to political influence, as is the case in ongoing tensions between China and the US. Meanwhile, global economic governance arrangements are under increasing pressure. The EU itself, after the elections it just held, will have to position itself in this uncertain landscape with a strategy. And so does Belgium. To consider the perils and opportunities of the day, Egmont – the Royal Institute of International Relations will host a closed-door seminar with keynote speaker Peter De Keyzer, aiming to provide policy-relevant insights on the major trends in the world today.


11h45: Registration

12h00: Welcoming words (Amb. Johan Verbeke)

12h10: Keynote speech, by Peter De Keyzer (see bio)

12h35: Respondant Bruno Hellendorff

12h50 : Debate (moderator Amb. Johan Verbeke)

13h50 : Concluding remarks ( Amb. Johan Verbeke)

14h00: End of proceedings