Launch of the JRC Science for Policy Report “Immigration and trust in the EU: a territorial analysis of voting behaviour and attitudes”


4 February 2020


The Egmont Palace

In this report, the KCMD adopted a new perspective to investigate the complex relationship between voting preferences and attitudes towards migration across the EU. In particular, the project investigates the importance of territorial contexts in shaping opinions and electoral behaviours in all 28 Member States of the EU. It does so by analysing Eurobarometer data from 2011 to 2019 and mapping votes in the 2019 European Parliament elections at different geographical resolutions.
The findings offer useful insights to improve our understanding of the complex interplay between perceived and/or actual socio-economic realities, demographic change and migration. Doing so enables us to better understand their impact on politics and the extent to which they affect trust in the EU.

(Photo credit: © European Union, 1995-2020)