Soft, smart, hard or ‘just’ power: What should the EU’s grand strategy be in disruptive times?


10 November 2022




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Book talk

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European Parliamentary Research Service and Egmont Institute

In his recent book, Grand Strategy in 10 Words: A Guide to Great Power Politics in the 21st Century, Professor Sven Biscop introduces 10 keys to understanding grand strategy and shows how the world’s great powers – the United States, China, Russia and the EU – shape their strategic decisions. Outlining the steps required for a less confrontational grand strategy and a more peaceful and stable world order, he explains how these 10 areas will determine world politics in the near future.


Over the past 75 years, a rules-based global governance system emerged, with multilateralism as its preferred format. However, what was long accepted as the established approach to global politics is now increasingly contested, not least by the great political powers. Fragmentation, renationalisation and protectionism are eroding global systems, and the rules-based approach to global governance is now under threat from geopolitical confrontation and great power rivalry. This is jeopardising the institutions, rules and standards that are used to address planetary-scale challenges. It is also affecting the EU’s potential to shape world politics. These developments call once more for grand political strategies.



13:30 Welcome by Etienne BASSOT, Director, Members’ Research Service, European
Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

13:40 Presentation of the book, ‘Grand Strategy in 10 Words: A Guide to Great Power
Politics in the 21st Century’ (2021), by its author, Sven BISCOP, Director of the Europe
in the World Programme, Egmont–Royal Institute for International Relations in
Brussels; Professor, Ghent University

In conversation with Beatrice HEUSER, Chair of International Relations, University of
Glasgow; seconded to the German General Staff College in Hamburg

Moderator: Gaby UMBACH, Part-time Professor, European University Institute (EUI);
non-resident Visiting Fellow, EPRS

14:30 Questions and comments from the digital floor

15:00 End of the event.

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