Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in the Australian context


28 June 2018


Egmont Palace, Place du Petit Sablon 8bis, Brussels

Drawing on a range of diverse terrorist threats faced since the 1960s, this event will discuss how international conflicts have influenced the terrorism and counter-terrorism landscape in Australia. By contextualising the role of Australian terrorist activity within the broader conflicts that have inspired them, it provides a critical contextual framework for understanding current threats and the subsequent measures that have been implemented in response. Issues of continuity highlight how many of the seemingly new debates around responding to terrorism have been the subject of previous public discourse, while some things taken for granted today are in fact novel and unprecedented. This talk will provide insight into how Australia has been influenced by international terrorism and counter-terrorism trends, but also how both terrorist movements and government responses have developed a particularly Australian character.



16:40: Registration

17:00: Welcome Remarks,

Thomas Renard, Senior Fellow, Egmont Institute

17h:05: Presentation and discussion

Debra Smith, Victoria University, Australia

18:30: end of conference


Dr Debra Smith is a Senior Industry Research Fellow at Victoria University’s Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC) and Defence Science Technology Group (DST Group). Debra’s research focuses on questions of violent political extremism, social conflict and social change. She provides training to state and federal police, as well as other government and community stakeholders, on targeted early intervention strategies and the national early intervention tools to prevent violent extremism.

Please note that seats are limited. Please register by Friday 22 June.

(Photo credit: ssoosay, Flickr)