The 2024 US Presidential Election: What’s in the Cards?


14 May 2024




Egmont Institute, 24A, Rue des Petites Carmes, 1000 Brussels.

Type of Event


On invitation only


Egmont Institute

The EGMONT Institute will host the American political scientist Mark J. Rozell, an esteemed figure in academia and public policy. Professor Rozell is the founding dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University in Fairfax (Va.). Rozell’s expertise spans a wide array of topics within U.S. government and politics, reflected in his impressive body of work comprising 13 authored or coauthored books and editorship of 20 others. Earlier this year he coauthored The Changing Political South: How Minorities and Women are Transforming the Region (Oxford University Press, 2024).

With his rich expertise, he will outline what may happen in the US in the months leading to the presidential election. His introduction will be followed by Q&A.


(Photo credit: wikipedia)