Towards a security architecture for the Mediterranean: a challenge for Euro-Mediterranean relations


15 April 2016


Egmont Palace

EuroMeSCo Conference 2016. Plenary sessions were broadcasted live on the IEMed website and on BambuserView the photos. Take also a look at the conversation on twitter.

Over 100 experts, researchers and policy-makers are convening this year in Brussels for the Annual Conference of EuroMeSCo, the 9th best think tank network in the world.

The main think tank network of politics and security of the Euro-Mediterranean area, coordinated by the IEMed, is focusing its annual conference on the security challenges in the Mediterranean region ahead of the release of the EU Global Strategy.

Given the geographic representativeness and recognised research work of the 100 centres of the EuroMeSCo network, the meeting is considered a key date on the calendar of think tank conferences on political and security issues in the region. For more info, please click on the IEMed website.