Transnational Organised Crime in Africa: Innovations in Research and Response


5 December 2017


Egmont Institute

At this Africa Lunch Meeting, Ciara Aucoin, researcher with the Institute for Security Studies (Pretoria) for the ENACT project and Deo Gumba, Regional Coordinator for East Africa and the Horn with the ENACT project discussed the possible causes and patterns of transnational organised crime in the African context, the increasing relevance of economic relationships across the Global South and across African countries, and the complex link between licit and illicit trade – a relationship critical to an understanding of how transnational organized crime will evolve into the future. The presentation looked at various forms of transnational organized crime that impact Africans gravely, including drugs trafficking, wildlife crime, fake/counterfeit medicines trade, and cattle rustling.


(Photo credit: Shakon-1, Flickr)