Digital Diplomacy : What future for Governments?

Egmont Palace, 8bis, Place du Petit Sablon, 1000 Brussels

The new digital world led to a new world of diplomacy. Digitization has changed the way of using diplomacy as well as the internal structure of Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

EU-China Security Cooperation – FULLY BOOKED

On invitation only

Do Europeans and Chinese share the same threat perceptions? Do they share views on how to respond to these threats? And, above all, do they cooperate to address regional and […]

Strategic debates in the EU and China: a discussion

On invitation only

The Egmont Institute organises a small roundtable to discuss key strategic issues in the EU and China. This roundtable aims to bring together some Chinese and European scholars, in order […]

Asian security and the role of Japan

On invitation only

Informal Roundtable Discussion with Prof. Dr. Makoto IOKIBE, former President of the National Defence University of Japan, currently President of the Kumamoto Prefectural University

The European Union: challenges and strategic responses

RHID, Campus Renaissance conference centre (entrance: rue Hobbema 8, 1000 Brussels)

Over the past few years, the European Union has been facing ever-increasing security challenges in its immediate neighbourhood. From the Arab Spring, to the Malian crisis, the Ukraine, and the […]