Training Courses in Civilian Crisis Management

The Belgian Generic Training (BGT) in Civilian Crisis Management


The Belgian Generic Training (BGT) is a prerequisite for all experts seconded by Belgium to a civilian mission abroad.

The BGT is open to Belgian and European experts who have a strong interest and motivation to be deployed in civilian crisis management missions abroad (European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy, United Nations, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

It results from a partnership between the Egmont Institute, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Belgian Ministry of Justice and the Belgian Federal Police since 2009.

This integrated training is in line with the latest EU training standards. It was previously certified by the European New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi), which guaranteed coherence with the minimum standards requested by the European Union. Through the certification process, ENTRi aimed at ensuring the harmonisation of training standards for training institutions offering courses in civilian crisis management. As the ENTRi project ended on 31 July 2019, the certification of courses has stopped. The standards of this course are still applied and all materials produced under ENTRi can be downloaded from

The next Belgian Generic Training (BGT) will take place in Brussels from 21st March to 1st of April 2022.

Content of the training

The BGT training gathers federal police officers, magistrates, civil servants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and external experts, in order to enrich the pool of trained personnel subject to deployment. In collaboration with experienced trainers and expert speakers, participants are provided with the basic knowledge and skills required to work in a field mission, regardless of the specific function they will fulfil.

Check out the ENTRi-certified programme for more details about the content.

Please note that the BGT is a full-time intensive residential course. We strongly encourage participants to be fully committed to the training and to not fulfill parallel duties during this time.

Target Group

  • The course is aimed for Belgian participants. However, depending on the number and profiles of Belgian candidates, a limited number of experts from other EU Member States may be accepted.
  • Participants are professionals from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance (customs) and the Belgian Federal Police with a relevant educational and professional background. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs selects external experts with relevant work experience of minimum 3 years.
  • Experts should be prepared for deployment in a civilian crisis management mission for a minimum of one year.

Selection for the BGT

  • Candidates from the 3 above-mentioned Ministries and the Federal Police will be selected through an internal procedure.
  • External experts not working for one of these public administrations have to pass a selection test organized by the Federal Recruitment Office (SELOR) to join a reserve list, before they can apply for the BGT (and a seconded position in a mission): click here.
    The last selection test for external experts took place in May 2020.
    The MFA will assign candidates from the reserve list to participate in the next BGT, depending on the available spots.
  • Before starting the BGT, all candidates need to provide a proof of a minimum English level of B2 Candidates without a valid certificate will be invited for an English test by the Egmont Institute.


Contact person: Victoria Salamanca

Bilateral Generic Training with the German Police Academy of Brühl

In a logic of pooling and sharing at the European level and in a comprehensive approach of the Civilian Crisis Management, Belgium, via its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its Ministry of Justice, the Federal Police and the Egmont Institute, started a cooperation with the German Police Academy of North-Rhine/Westphalia in the field of training.

This Bilateral Generic Training is organised once a year both for Belgian and German civil servants and police officers to be seconded in civilian crisis management missions, in the framework of the United Nations, the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy or the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Training sessions: