Partnership with the National School for Public Administration – ENA RDC

Since 2014, the Egmont Institute contributes to the development strategy and political relations of Belgium in Democratic Republic of Congo through a support to the National School for Public Administration, ENA RDC, responsible for the training and integration of the high-ranking officials. Ever since, our support has widened and strengthened, making our partnership with the school more and more relevant.

The projects implemented with ENA RDC are developed thanks to Belgian development funds from Enabel and the contribution of Wallonie Bruxelles-International for the organisation of traineeships in Brussels.


Public Administration Courses

The ENA RDC has been reactived in 2013 and has since then trained 5 promotions of nearly 100 trainee civil servants to the core skills and competencies of public administration. The school is also responsible for the continuous training of civil servants to progress internally in their administration.

The Egmont Institute supports the initial one-year training of the promotions of students from the ENA RDC by organising short courses (2 to 6 days) to be delivered by a series of external experts.

These experts come from Belgian federal public services, cooperation agencies such as Enabel, international organisations (World Bank, EU) as well as universities and think tanks. As part of their initial training, the students follow a total of four main teaching units throughout the year: “Integration”, “Management”, “Territories” and “Contemporary issues”.


Professional Traineeships

Every year since 2016, the Egmont Institute supervises 3-month professional internships for up to 10 students of the ENA RDC that are organised in Belgium, with the financial support of Enabel and Wallonia Brussels International (WBI).

The 10 students are assigned to various public services in Belgium. So far, the following services have offered internships: Wallonia Brussels International (WBI), the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels (FWB), the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Pensions, the Ministry of Policy and Support (BOSA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB), the National Office of Social Security (ONSS), the National Employment Office (ONEM).

As part of their training to become the future administrative elite of Congo, the students are confronted to new professional environments and witness first-hand the functioning of Belgian administrations. This exchange of cultural and professional practices constitutes a unique learning experience for both countries.

Successively 7 students from the 2nd promotion “Laurent Désiré Kabila”, 10 students from the 3rd promotion “Okapi”, 10 students from the 4th promotion “Mandela”, and 10 students from the 5th promotion “Fleuve Congo” were welcomed in Brussels to follow 3-month professional traineeships in the Belgian public services.

Training sessions: