Diplomatic Mediation

Since 2018, we started to develop a course concept for diplomats with a focus on mediation. This course highlights the Belgian diplomatic expertise, the key position of Brussels in the promotion of multilateralism and conflict resolution and gathers countries with a true interest in mediation.

Courses in mediation are tailor-made with presentations, training sessions and simulation exercises conducted by experts and high-level diplomats, adapted to the recipient countries.

Our first training focusing on diplomatic mediation gathered diplomats from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Oman, Somalia and Yemen, providing them with interactive sessions with high-level Belgian diplomats and simulation exercises around negotiation and mediation delivered by the research institute ESSEC IRENE.


  • Presenting the Belgian institutional architecture, diplomacy, history and culture
  • Strengthening diplomatic skills through training sessions conducted by experts and high-level diplomats
  • Creating and enhancing professional contacts between Belgian and foreign diplomats
  • Focusing on diplomatic mediation as a key diplomatic skill and tool for conflict resolution

Training sessions: