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  • 08 Sep

    Third Symposium - Reforming the EU ETS: Striking the right balance between the EU objectives of decarbonisation and competitiveness

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  • 15 Sep

    The crisis in Ukraine and the future of European security

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  • 21 Oct

    What is at stake with the UN conference on Climate Change (COP 21) in Paris in December 2015?

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  • > BGT 16-27 Nov. – Call for Candidates : Interested in working for a Civilian Crisis Management Mission of the EU, UN, OSCE? Follow a 2-week BGT /Core Course which provides you with the basic knowledge and skills required for working in a field operation, independent of the specific function you will fulfill as expert in your own field. ...
  • > EU-LAC Foundation Open Call for Research Projects : The EU-LAC Foundation is pleased to inform you that a new Open Call for Research Projects has been launched online. ...
  • > Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop in Beijing : On 18 July 2015 Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop spoke at the People's University in Beijing, where is currently teaching a course on EU foreign & security policy, at the launch of the first-ever Chinese publication on NATO, a set of 8 volumes edited by Prof. Dr. Wang Yiwei. ...

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