International Symposium: The future of Australia-EU relations: Synergies and shared concerns



8:45-9:00:          Registration

9:00-9:05:          Welcome and Opening Address

  • Professor Philomena Murray, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam and Dr Margherita Matera, The University of Melbourne

9:05-10:05:       Session 1: Enhancing EU-Australia Engagement 

  • Chair and Discussant: Professor Philomena Murray, The University of Melbourne
  • H.E. Justin Brown, Australian Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union and NATO: Prospects for Australia’s relations with the EU
  • Ms Paola Pampaloni, European External Action Service

10:05-11:15:    Session 2: Strengthening the International Trading System

  • Chair and Discussant: Mr Tobias Gehrke, Egmont
  • Prof Richard Pomfret, The University of Adelaide: Convergence of EU and Australia views on the  international trading system in the 21st century    
  • Mr. Peter Berz, DG Trade, European Commission
  • Dr. Evita Schmieg, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik: Challenges in the multilateral trading system
  • Dr Lachlan McKenzie, Australia New Zealand School of Government and Dr Evgeny Postnikov, The University of Melbourne: The EU and Australian Approaches Towards Trade Bilateralism: Discrepancies and Potential Synergies

11:15-11:30:    Morning tea

11:30-12:50:    Session 3: The Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement

  • Chair and Discussant: Mr. Jason Collins, European Australia Business Council
  • Dr Maria Garcia, University of Bath: Divergent approaches to regulation as a challenge to EU Australia FTA negotiations
  • Mr Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, European Centre for International Political Economy
  • Ms Helen Stylianou, Australian Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg and Australian Mission to the European Union and NATO, Brussels: The Australia-EU FTA: the Australian perspective
  • Dr. Christian Burgsmüller, Directorate General Trade, the European Commission: The EU-Australia FTA as part of the larger EU trade agenda
  • Ms. Iana Dreyer, Borderlex: The changing politics and policy of EU trade – implications for Australia

12:50-13:20:    Lunch

13:20-14:30:    Session 4: Tackling Regional and Global Security Challenges

  • Chair and Discussant: Dr Alica Kizekova, Institute of International Relations
  • Ms. Cindy Rose, Australian Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg and Australian Mission to the European Union and NATO, Brussels: Australia and the EU: working together in a challenging global environment
  • Mr Jaap Ora, European External Action Service: The benefits of EU-Australia security partnership
  • Dr Bruno Hellendorff, Egmont: Delivering on maritime security and nuclear non-proliferation cooperation between the EU and Australia
  • Dr Margherita Matera, The University of Melbourne: Enhancing EU-Australia security cooperation

14:30-15:45:    Session 5: Opportunities for Regional and Multilateral Engagement: the EU, Australia and Asia

  • Chair and Discussant: Dr Lachlan McKenzie, Australia New Zealand School of Government
  • Professor Sven Biscop, Egmont: Strategy options for the EU-and Australia in the light of US-China Rivalry
  • Dr Isaac Kfir, Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Australia and the EU: Shared interests in humanitarianism, the case of the Pacific
  • Dr. Elena Atanassova-Cornellis, University of Antwerp: Geopolitical trends in the Asia-Pacific
  • Dr. Nicola Casarini, Istituto Affari Internazionali: Opportunities for EU-Australia regional engagement in light of China’s assertiveness and evolving dynamics in the Indo-Pacific

15:45-16:00:    Afternoon tea

16:00-16:30:    Session 6: Climate Change and Environmental Issues

  • Chair and Discussant: Daniel Waterschoot, DG Clima, European Commission
  • Professor Sebastian Oberthur, Vrije Universiteit Brussel: EU-Australia Relations on Climate Change and Energy: Status and Future Prospects
  • Dr. Ursula Fuentes Hutfilter, Murdoch University and Climate Analytics: Climate change policy – Challenges and opportunities for Australia and the EU

16:30-17:00:    Session 7: Research and Educational Collaboration

  • Chair and Discussant: Professor Louis Brennan, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Alex Cooke, Australian Embassy and Permanent Mission to the European Union, Brussels: How Australian researchers collaborate with Europe on science, research and innovation
  • Dr. Theodore Papazoglou, Head of Unit, European Research Council Executive Agency

17:00-17:45:    Session 8: Round Table: Synergies and Shared Concerns: Where to from here?

  • Chair: Dr Margherita Matera, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre: Trade and investment: the EU-Australia economic relationship beyond Brexit
  • Ms Shada Islam, Friends of Europe: How the EU and Australia can work together for improved global governance
  • Professor Philomena Murray, The University Melbourne; Towards closer engagement: regional cooperation and linkages

17:45-18:30:    Reception