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A Coup like no other: Three Reasons why the Coup in Niger is different from Previous Coups in the Sahel (and why it’s very serious)

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The coup led by General Tiani which overthrew President Bazoum in Niger on July 26 is the latest in a series of coups taking place in the Sahel. Since 2020, six coups have taken place in the Sahel region – with Niger, it makes it seven. Reactions from regional and international actors have been unparalleled, both stronger and more divided and confused than in previous instances. This coup carries with it greater international concerns and possibly greater dangers than previous ones. It may well be the case that we are living in a defining moment for security, governance, multilateralism and international relations more broadly in Africa. Here, we identify three broader arguments for why this coup does not resemble previous coups in the Sahel and is of crucial significance.


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