Arctic Business Seminar

This event focuses on what the Arctic region has to offer the Belgian business community and what the Belgian business community has to offer the Arctic. It explores key sectors […]

Climate change and the Arctic. Security implications.

The Arctic region is currently undergoing unprecedented changes that are affecting its physical, environmental, economic, and geopolitical realities. How do these developments affect security in and around the region? What […]

Arctic Luncheon Briefing with Mads Frederiksen

On invitation only

Arctic Luncheon Briefing with Mads Frederiksen, Director of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC). Mr. Frederiksen will present the work of the Arctic Economic Council to the Belgian business community and will discuss with the participants […]

Arctic Luncheon Briefing

On invitation only

With Mike Sfraga, Founding Director of the Polar Institute at the Wilson Center and Chair of the US Arctic Research Commission,  presenting the new US National Strategy for the Arctic […]