21 Mar 2024: Egmont Diplomatic Club Crash Course on “Exploring the Intricacies of Belgium’s Institutional Framework” (Training)

The Education & Training programme hosted in a working lunch format its inaugural exclusive Crash Course at the premises of the Egmont Institute, as part of the Egmont Diplomatic Club activities. This course brought together ambassadors and diplomats. The session was facilitated by Pieter Caboor, a Parliamentary lawyer, researcher, and author renowned for his deep understanding of Belgium’s institutional framework workings.

The Egmont Diplomatic Club is an exclusive club that fosters in-depth expertise and high-level networking among Brussels-based diplomats, gathers 26 members as of 2024, including embassies, multilateral missions, and regional permanent representations. Throughout this year, the Egmont Diplomatic Club will organise 3 more Crash Courses, scheduled for May, September, and November.