6 – 17 Nov 2017: Egmont’s Training session for diplomats from English-speaking African countries

This year, the Egmont Institute is organising two training sessions in Brussels for French and English speaking African countries respectively. The second one, which will start on November 6th, will welcome eleven mid-career diplomats from Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles and Zambia. Amongst these, eight come from the four countries’ central administrations and three from their embassies in Brussels.

Since 2014, Egmont has been organising high-level trainings in international diplomacy for diplomats, in line with the decision of the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, Mr Didier Reynders, to contribute to the professional development of foreign diplomats and to strengthen the relationship between Belgium and recipient countries.

One objective of this session will be to improve diplomats’ knowledge of Belgian Foreign Affairs and Brussels at the heart of European Union and NATO decision-making. The consolidation of relations between the African diplomats and their Belgian counterparts is of course a core element of this project.

The program for this Training will be divided into three modules: a first module on Belgium, a second on international organisations and a third on exchange of knowledge and diplomatic skills. This Training is clearly an opportunity for Belgium to put forward the importance given to the African continent as well as to underline the common interests.