The Egmont Institute is involved in Mali since 2018 with projects developed with the Belgian Embassy in Bamako, the Belgian Development Cooperation Agency, Enabel and the Malian National School for Public Administration, ENA Mali.

Partnership with the National School for Public Administration – ENA MALI

In 2018, The Egmont Institute started a partnership project with the National School for Public Administration of Mali, ENA Mali.

ENA Mali has been operational since 2009 and its main mission is to train the future civil servants of the 9 main bodies of the Malian administration (Foreign Affairs Advisers, Civil Administration, Tax Inspectors, Treasury Inspectors, Customs Inspectors, Administrators Labor and Social Security, Economic Inspectors and Planners).


With this new cooperation, we will:

  • Contribute to the initial training of the future Malian public servants who will be integrated after two years of traineeship in the different public services
  • Support the capacity of ENA Mali to train the public servants once integrated in their administration
  • Promote the exchange of expertise between the Belgian and Malian administration and the peer-to-peer learning

To achieve those objectives, the following activities will be implemented:

  • Sending of experts and design of tailormade modules to answer needs and complement the academic curriculum of the future Malian public servants
  • Supervision of professional traineeships for trainee civil servants in the Belgian administration of ENA Mali
  • Support to training in result-based management for public servants coming from technical Ministries and civil society via ENA Mali


The announcement of a future collaboration of the Egmont Institute with ENA Mali

ORTM, 13/10/2017 – With Johan Verbeke and Julie Godin. See the interview, at 00:8-00:10:24.


See the programme of the first training session for the Malian public servants trained at ENA Mali by the Egmont Institute.

Read the Presse release on the offical ceremony launching the first training session organised by the Egmont Institute on behalf of the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the civil servants of ENA’s 4th graduating class.

Training Sessions: