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Breaking the Cycle: The Need for Better Integrated Responses in Neglected Crises

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The magnitude of the humanitarian funding gap soars each year, leaving an increasing number of people with no assistance. In 2023, only 35% of the $56bn global appeal was covered, and anticipated budget cuts from major humanitarian donors will likely worsen the situation. Neglected crises that do not receive enough media attention and political support struggle to attract financial assistance at scale for humanitarian, development, peace, or climate initiatives.

Following up on the EU Council’s Conclusion from May 2023, which emphasised the importance of reducing humanitarian needs by strengthening the connection between humanitarian, development, and peace efforts (HDP nexus), this paper suggests examining how well the nexus is applied in overlooked and neglected areas. It proposes to take advantage of the 2024 EU election year to explore new approaches to the current model and makes concrete suggestions to support better coordinated and integrated responses.




This document has been prepared by Egmont Royal Institute for the European Commission (DG ECHO) and it reflects solely the views of the authors. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.




(Photo credit: Agber Henry, Wikimedia Commons)