Europe’s southern neighborhood

Egmont Palace, Brussels

Conference, DAY 1: Understanding Political Islam: Views From Within – Programme & registration, DAY 2: MENA in Transition: Players, Plans, and Positions. Programme (Photo credit: Norman Einstein, Wikimedia Commons)

The reforms In the judicial system of Saudi Arabia

On invitation only

Symposium with H.E. Mohammed Bin Adbulkareem Al Issa, the Saudi Arabia Minister of Justice Presentation Judicial System in Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Norman Einstein, Wikimedia Commons)  

Federalism or fragmentation: Spelling out Europe’s F-word

On invitation only

The European Union faces a tough choice between federalism and fragmentation. The momentum for further integration is building up amid talk of ever more “Unions” – banking, fiscal, political etc. […]

Turning the page? Kenya’s post-election dynamics

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Uhuru Kenyatta was announced the winner of the 4th of March Presidential elections – and although the process is not entirely finished – he is likely to be installed as […]