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Jihadi terrorism and the radicalisation challenge in Europe

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Often dubbed as a ‘global threat’, most observers analyze the terrorist threat as a patchwork of self-radicalizing local troups with international contacts but without a central engine or any central  organizational design. Jihadi terrorism is composed of one major root cause in an enabling global environment and a multitude of local root causes depending on the countries involved. Focusing on the situation of jihadi terrorism and radicalization in Europe, this volume looks at the growing tendency of self-radicalization and self-recruitment of individuals. It provides both a precise state of the threat as well as a thorough analysis of the radicalization process. Aimed at an audience of policy makers, academia and think tanks, it combines a theoretical approach with novel thinking and ‘out of the box’ policy recommendations.

Ghent University, Belgium and Royal Institute for International Relations, Belgium (ed.), Feb. 2008.  Additional information about this book, including the list of contributors and the contents, can be found in the attached flyer.
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