Thomas Renard

Senior Research Fellow

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EU strategic partnerships, emerging powers, global security, terrorism, cyber


Thomas Renard joined the Egmont Institute in 2009. His research focuses on (counter-)terrorism and (counter-)radicalization in Belgium and in Europe. He is consultant for the Belgian public TV/Radio (RTBF), and contributes regularly to media worldwide. Previously, Mr Renard worked with the Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation (as the head of the Brussels office) and with the Jamestown Foundation, a US think tank. He started his work on this topic as a data-entry analyst for the Center on Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS) in the US, contributing to the elaboration of the Global Terrorism Databasa (GTD) hosted by the University of Maryland, the largest database worldwide on terrorist incidents. Among many reports, he edited Counterterrorism in Belgium: Key challenges and policy options (Egmont Paper 89, 2016).

Other topics of research are the multipolarisation of international affairs (in all dimensions, from economy to military) and the strategies developed by the European Union to cope with emerging powers, notably the so-called strategic partnerships, as well as a focus on cyber-security, and more specifically its diplomatic dimension. He was project leader for the European Strategic Partnerships Observatory (ESPO), a joint project of FRIDE and Egmont (2012-16). His main contributions on this topic include the edited volume The European Union and Emerging Powers in the 21st Century: How Europe Can Shape a New Global Order (Asghate, 2012, with Sven Biscop), or The Treachery of Strategies: A Call for True EU Strategic Partnerships (Egmont Paper 45, 2011). His publications have been translated in Chinese and Russian, notably.

He is an Adjunct Professor at the Vesalius College, a PhD student at Ghent University, a member of the Reseau Multidisciplinaire d'Etudes Stratégiques (RMES). In 2012, he became a member of the Young Atlanticist Program, convened by the Atlantic Council of the US. He was a founding member of the Friday Group until 2017, a group of young Belgians from diverse horizons gathering to reflect on strategic and major societal issues, supported by the King Baudouin Foundation, as well as a member of the Korea-Europe Next Generation Policy Expert Forum (2015).

Previously, he worked as a journalist and as an analyst for US think tanks, based in Washington DC.



-24 June: Thomas Renard had a briefing discussion on radicalisation in prison with US counterterrorism officials (US State Department)

-22 June: Thomas Renard presented his research on terrorist recidivism at a webinar hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

-15 June: Thomas Renard participated to the Steering Committee of the EU-funded EMMA project, on multi-agency response to radicalisation

-28-29 May: Thomas Renard was a speaker at an InfoEx workshop on recidivism and deradicalisation, organized by DGAP.

-27 May 2020:  Presentation on terrorist recidivism for UN personnel, during a webinar hosted by UNOCT and UNCCT