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The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Chairmanship of the African Union

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It is no overstatement to consider the run-up of his chairmanship of the African Union (AU) politically more important to President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo (b. 1963) than occupying the seat itself. When Tshisekedi was announced the winner of the controversial December 2019 elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a high-level AU meeting chaired by Rwandan president Paul Kagame, concluded that ‘there were serious doubts on the conformity of the provisional results’. The AU decided to dispatch a high-level delegation to Kinshasa comprising the AU chairperson and the AU Commission (AUC) chairperson.


This article was first published in the Yearbook on the African Union Volume 2 (2021) by BRILL


(Photo credit: BRILL)