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The EU has a role to play, but Africans must lead

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Coming from one of Africa’s most experienced diplomats, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah’s call for a EU backed security framework in the Sahel constitutes an important signal. As the author notes, the EU and its member states have vested interests in the region’s stability, including countering the establishment of terrorist safe havens, drug trafficking, organised crime, unchecked migration and safeguarding access to strategic resources. As a response to these challenges the EU adopted a “Strategy for Security and Development in the Sahel” in early 2011. But despite a number of operations (in Mali and Niger and support to the Malian elections) the strategy lacks political clout and engagement – with the exception of France – by EU states remains lacklustre.

in Europe’s World online, 15 Jan. 2014.
(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)