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The Nexus Approach: Bringing together climate, human security, and demographic change in times of permacrisis

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The start of a new institutional cycle and the development of the European Council’s Strategic Agenda will raise concerns about the EU’s ability to respond to multiple problems in a more systemic and conscious style.

Therefore, a holistic nexus approach that combines greater inter- and intra-institutional collaboration with strategic vision and principled leadership will be essential if the EU is to deliver on complex challenges. It will play a vital role in the EU’s ability to deal with today’s permacrisis with regard to climate change, human security, and demographic transformations.

This Discussion Paper retraces the genesis of the nexus approach in humanitarian and development cooperation to draw lessons learned for the EU’s strategic thinking around systemic and deeply interconnected problems. It shows how a conscious strategic vision, more coherence, and principled leadership will be crucial if the EU is to tackle complex challenges effectively.


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