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Vol. LXIII, Issue 2(2010): The Future of the G8 and G20

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Introduction: The G8 and G20 in flux, under the skillful presidency of Canada and Korea, Dries Lesage
– G20: towards a new world order, Thomas Renard
– The G8-G20 partnership, John Kirton
– From Toronto to Seoul: evolution of the G20 process, Dong-Kwi Lee
– The G8, G20 and multilateral organizations: cooperating and collaborating, Jenilee Guebert
– The United States and the G20, Thomas Wright
– Is it G8 or G20? For Russia, of course, it’s both, Marina Larionova
– G20 for Global Governance: lessons from G8 outreach, Andrew F. Cooper and Agata Antkiewicz
– The emerging countries and China in the G20: reshaping global economic governance, Gregory Chin
– Turkey’s profile in the G20: emerging economy, middle power and bridge-builder, Dries Lesage and Yusuf Kaçar
– The output and input dimension of the European representation in the G20, Peter Debaere.