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Vol. LXIV, Issue 3 (2011) : The European Union and Economic governance

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Introduction, Thomas Renard and Tanguy Struye de Swielande
– China and the South China Sea: a new security dilemma?, Tanguy Struye de Swielande
– Australia rising to the Chinese challenge, Bruno Hellendorff
– Indonesia’s changing regional role: relations with ASEAN and China, Shada Islam
– Geopolitics and nuclear weapons. North Korean provocations as a tool for regime survival, Sico van der Meer
– The sustainability of the US military presence in East Asia, Frans-Paul van der Putten
– The changing roles of Japan and China towards ASEAN’s economy. Beyond the flying-geese model?, Lurong Chen, Philippe De Lombaerde and Nishalini Nair
– Defining Europe’s strategic interests in Asia. State of things and challenges ahead, Michito Tsuruoka
– The value of the Asia-Europe meeting, Amb. Bertrand de Crombrugghe