Connecting the dots for more inclusive and participatory democracies Twelve like-minded European and global organizations committed to advancing democratic innovation and participation are coming together in the new Horizon project […]

Egmont’s Belgian Presidency Programme

The Egmont’s Belgian Presidency Programme (EBPP) is poised to play a significant role during Belgium’s EU Presidency. At its core, the EBPP seeks to engage a broader Belgian audience, focusing […]

EUI-Egmont Workshop Series

Policy Ideas for the Next Institutional Cycle With the adoption of the next Strategic Agenda and the beginning of a new institutional cycle around the corner, the European Union will […]

The Foresight Network

In the current day and age, we are witnessing a multiplication of crises of magnitude, many of which have uncertain outcomes. These trends, which unfold against the backdrop of ever-complex […]

The Transatlantic Periscope

The Transatlantic Periscope is an interactive, multimedia tool that brings together expert commentary, high-quality media coverage, official policy documents, quantitative data, social media posts, and gray literature. The Transatlantic Periscope […]

The European Skills Agenda

Fit for the Future? The European Skills Agenda between Migration Potential and Labour Dynamics For a growing number of EU member state economies, finding sufficient and fitting human resources is […]

Global Strategy PhD Prize

The Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations and the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) award the Global Strategy PhD Prize annually. Eligible are all doctoral dissertations drafted in […]

MENARA Project

The MENARA Project – The Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture: Mapping geopolitical shifts, regional order and domestic transformations – has come to an end after three years of […]

African Futures: Horizon 2025

The objective of this Report – the outcome of a consultative project conducted in collaboration with external experts and research institutes – is to reflect on the major trends that […]