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Masters of Grand Strategy

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Grand strategy has principles that, when adhered to, will definitely benefit the state. In order to thrive, a grand strategy needs to be sustained by a strategic culture. A state’s strategic culture resides predominantly in its strategic establishment. This comprises different elites from the respective professions that bear upon the course of the state in the world, those that give shape to policy. These elites can be grouped in different factions within the strategic establishment, such as the military elite, the political elite, the administrative elite. Bad relations among these, such as bad civil-military relations, can be a sign of a fragmented and unhealthy strategic establishment. Such a strategic establishment will not generate a strategic culture that is able to sustain a grand strategy. In order to remedy, prevent, and generally improve upon this, the strategic establishment should conduct strategic simulations. Strategic simulations will instil the principles of grand strategy whilst moulding a healthy strategic establishment that will be able to generate a sustainable strategic culture.



(Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons)