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European strategy, European foreign and security policy, European defence


NEW BOOK: Hoe de grootmachten de koers van de wereldpolitiek bepalen. Grand Strategy in 10 kernwoorden

Een must-read voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in buitenlands beleid en strategie

De koers van de wereldpolitiek wordt bepaald door de wisselwerking tussen de grootmachten: de VS als de gevestigde macht, Rusland als de afnemende macht, China als de opkomende macht en de EU, als de twijfelende macht: de macht die niet weet of ze een macht wil zijn.

Dit boek brengt een genuanceerde analyse van de competitie en samenwerking tussen de grootmachten aan de hand van 10 kernwoorden geïllustreerd met historische en hyper-actuele voorbeelden.

Verschenen bij uitgeverij Kritak.


NEW BOOK: Grand Strategy in 10 Words.

A guide to Great Power Politics in the 21st Century.

Forthcoming in June 2021


Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop (born in Willebroek, Belgium in 1976) read political sciences and obtained his PhD at Ghent University, where today he is a professor, lecturing on Belgian and European foreign and defence policy and on the grand strategy of the European Union and the other great powers. At Egmont, which he joined in 2002, he is the director of the Europe in the World Programme.

Sven is an Associate Member of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences of Belgium. In 2015, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Sven was made an Honorary Fellow of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC), an EU agency where he lectures for diplomats, military and officials from all EU Member States. He is also a regular speaker at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels and at the People’s University of China in Beijing, where he is a Senior Research Fellow.

Sven further serves as Professorial Fellow at the United Nations University in Bruges, and as Senior Research Fellow of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy and of the Baltic Defence College. He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (UK) and of the Clausewitz Society (Germany), and chairs the jury of the annual Global Strategy PhD Prize, awarded by Egmont and the ESDC.

His latest book is Grand Strategy in 10 Words - A Guide to Great Power Politics in the 21st Century  (Bristol University Press, 2021).

Sven has been honoured with the cross of Officer of the Order of the Crown of the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Decoration of Honour of the Republic of Austria.

He lives in Brussels with his Taiwanese-Belgian husband Aberu, amidst a great many books, military paraphernalia, and chinoiseries. Unfortunately they travel too often to keep a cat.


Online presentations

-15 Nov. 2020:  Sven Biscop was invited by the College of Europe (Bruges) to give the JEI Annual Lecture. The title of the lecture is "No Peace from Corona: Defining EU Strategy for the 2020s". Watch the video.

-9 July 2020:  Webinar "EU Defence Cooperation after COVID-19", organised by YPFP Brussels.  Discussion with EDA Chief Executive Ji?í Šedivý  and Sven Biscop who gave an academic analysis with regards to future of the EU defence. Read more.

-18 May 2020: Video event  "The Strength of Democracies: The Atlantic Relationship During COVID-19", organised by The Hudson Institute.
View the discussion on what democracies can do to bolster democratic principles and push back against authoritarian attempts to exploit COVID-19 for their illicit advantage. One of the speakers is Sven Biscop.  Read more.

-23 April 2020Wat zal corona veranderen voor de internationale politiek? Bekijk de video van Sven Biscop.
Voor het project Toekomst Talks van de Uitstraling Permanente Vorming (UPV), een door de Vlaamse Gemeenschap gesubsidieerde vorminstelling, reflecteren vooraanstaande wetenschappers en denkers over de vraag hoe wij, de samenleving, de politiek, enzovoort met de ervaring van deze coronacrisis verder moeten. Vandaag: Europakenner Sven Biscop van het Egmontinstituut.

-6 Feb. 2020: Watch the recorded livestream event @nupinytt:  EU’s role in a more instable world – towards a shared Grand Strategy? Discussion with Sven Biscop on how will 2020 turn out for the Union, and what role will it pursue in the future?

-15 May 2019: Watch the recorded livestream @diisdk: The EU as an emerging defence project with Sven Biscop #PESCO

-As part of the 2017 edition of the PONT Career Skills Training, Sven Biscop conducted a class on "how to write a policy brief". Find out more about PONT at:  and watch the video on Youtube.