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Measuring the Unmeasurable: Indicators of Russian State Resilience

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Twenty months into the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, what initially began as a highly mobile war has now transformed into a protracted battle of attrition—a grueling test of determination, lives, and resources. In this complex equation, the Homefront, comprising its leadership and society, plays a pivotal role. Do they possess the resilience and endurance necessary to weather this relentless trial, especially when there seems to be no discernible goal or endpoint in sight? The Russian invasion of Ukraine has transformed into a protracted test of endurance, leaving the outcome highly uncertain for all parties, both directly and indirectly involved.

This paper delves into an exploration of the resilience of Putin’s regime. The summer of 2023 witnessed several noteworthy developments, with figures like Evgeni Prigozhin, among others, assuming prominent roles. Commentators and observers frequently highlight cracks in the Kremlin’s leadership, often proclaiming a turning point with each development.


(Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons)