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The European Security Strategy. A global agenda for positive power

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In December 2003 the EU adopted the European Security Strategy, the first ever common strategic vision of the Member States. This volume examines how the Strategy can form the basis of a comprehensive approach that integrates all dimensions of EU external action, from aid and trade to defence, under the same agenda of ‘effective multilateralism’ or global governance. This agenda can be translated into the core public goods to which every individual on earth is entitled; promoting access to these global public goods can be the essence of a distinctive European approach emphasizing long-term tabilization and conflict prevention. On that basis, the Strategy can be a global agenda for positive power – global because of its worldwide scope and comprehensive nature – for an EU with effective power to achieve positive objectives.

The book will appeal to audiences interested in the EU as an international actor, foreign policy, security and defence, development and trade. It is also suitable for policy makers in the EU institutions and the Member States.
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