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The Lonely Strategist: Who but the High Representative and the EEAS Cares About the EU Global Strategy?

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EU Member States have agreed on a grand strategy, the 2016 Global Strategy (EUGS). However, the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC), where Member States define the EU’s foreign, security and defence policies, has failed to fully implement it. In fact, neither the Member States nor the European Commission feel ownership of the EUGS. However, the need to leverage the internal competences of the Commission in order to maintain the EU’s position in the competition between the great powers, may forge more grand strategic unity. Nevertheless, introducing majority decision-making remains imperative – but unlikely. What the EU could and ought to do immediately, however, is to introduce a regular strategic review.

Reprinted from European Foreign Affairs Review, Volume 26, Issue 1 (2021) pp. 25 – 34,  with permission of Kluwer Law International.


(Photo credit: EU Strategy , EEAS)