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The Ticking Clock for Russia’s Endless War: Unveiling Silent Turmoil on Putin’s Second Front

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While the prevailing narrative suggests that time currently favors Russia in the ongoing conflict, it is imperative to recognize that this temporal advantage is not boundless for either side. Within Russia, the primary enigma revolves around the durability of the existing social contract, a delicate balance that safeguards the isolated lives of the passive majority while the Kremlin relentlessly pursues its wartime objectives. The ticking clock of an apparently endless war adds another layer of complexity to Russia’s strategic calculus.

At first glance, Putin appears firmly entrenched in power, with sociological indicators such as trust
and approval rates remaining notably high. Examining Russia’s engagement in the war in Ukraine,
polls suggest a broad consensus among the Russian population, even if they desire a swift resolution
or favor peace talks. Despite the populace’s desire for a resolution, sociological data fail to reveal
signs of instability or imminent upheaval in Russia. The prevailing atmosphere is one of adaptation,
justification, and acceptance, whether through learned indifference or pragmatic cooperation.


(Photo credit: Thomas Cizauskas, Flikr )