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Vol. LX:Issue 1 (2007): GLOBAL EUROPE – Special Issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the 60th anniversary of the Institute

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Préface, Etienne Davignon
Introduction. Global Europe: A Vision — A Power?, Sven Biscop
– The EU and the Middle East Peace Process: A Balance, Costanza Musu
– Europe and the Gulf: Strategic Neglect, Richard Youngs and Ana Echagüe
– The EU and “conflict peacebuilding” in the DRC, Hans Hoebeke
– The EU’s Multiple Strategic Identities: European Security after Lebanon and the Congo, Richard Gowan
– The Internal — External Security Challenge for the EU, Magnus Ekengren
– EU Trade and Development Policy: on Pyramids and Spaghetti Bowls, Jan Orbie – Addendum to article Jan Orbie (Studia Diplomatica, VoL. LX, n°1, 2007, p. 118 bis)
– The Doha Round between a narrow Escape and Freezing, Pierre Defraigne
– China and Europe: the Myth of a Postmodern World, Jonathan Holslag and Gustaaf Geeraerts
– Russia and the EU: the challenge ahead, Laetitia Spetschinsky
– EU-US: from Godchild to Partner?, Hugo Paemen
– The European Union and the United Nations: Global versus Regional Multilateralism, Thierry Tardy
– A Human Security Agenda for the EU: Would It Make a Difference?, John Kotsopoulos
-The Legal Personality of the European Union, Philippe de Schoutheete and Sami Andoura
– The EU’s Quest for Coherence in Peacebuilding: Between Good Intentions and Institutional Turf Wars, Nicolas J. Beger and Philippe Bartholomé
– The Ambiguous Ambition – The Development of the EU Security Architecture, Sven Biscop