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Vol. LXII, Issue 1 (2009)

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– “Protect European citizens and the European economy”: the European security research programme, Iraklis Oikonomou
– NGO’s advocacy in European foreign policy: a new civil society, Quentin Martens and Marc Naether
– Ambition, benchmark, culture. The ABC of European strategy revisited, Sven Biscop
– When European Union member state voting cohesion does not matter: lessons learnt about majoritarian decision-making from the ILO, Robert Kissack
– The Assembly of Kosovo during its second mandate (2004-2007). Analysis of the functioning of a young parliament under international supervision, Franklin De Vrieze
– The end of dollar primacy? The EMU policy framework and the international role of the Euro, Mattias Vermeiren
– The UN Human Rights Council at work: a provisional appraisal of the Council’s institution-building work, Véronique Joosten