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Vol. LXVI, Issue 2 (2013): A strategic anniversary: The European security strategy

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Introduction, A strategic anniversary, by Sven Biscop


  • “The good, the bad and the ugly”, three visions for European defence beyond austerity,  by Giovanni Faleg and Manuel Muniz
  • How security strategies can harm our interests, by Barend ter Haar
  • The EU internal security strategy, Towards a more coherent approach to EU security?  by Raphael Bossong and Mark Rhinard
  • More strategists, less strategy. The case for a European defense university , by Tamir Libel
  • Human security strategy for Europe. Left-overs and propsects ten years later, by Ana Isabel Xavier
  • The power relationship between the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations,  by Manuel Schmitz
  • Understanding the conflict in Syria. Some key questions, by Joris Couvreur

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