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Biden’s World? Views from the United States, China, Russia and the European Union

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The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the annual joint seminars that since a few years the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations organise in Moscow and Brussels. But the coronavirus cannot interrupt academic exchange; a dialogue that is more than ever necessary in a world of increasing tensions between the great powers. We continue our collaboration through this joint publication, therefore, for which we have invited prominent scholars from Russia and the European Union as well as China and the United States to share their analysis of the impact of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential elections on international politics.

The entire document is available hereunder.


Scarcity and Strategy: The Foreign Policy of the Biden Administration:

Read the article of Barry R. Posen here.


Biden’s Geopolitical Fallout for China:

Read the article of Feng Zhongping & Huang Jing here.


Thirteen Points on Joe Biden and Russia:

Read the article of Andrey Kortunov here.


Europe after the US Elections: Between the Past and the Unknown:

Read the article of Alexey Gromyko here.


EU-US relations: a new agenda for transatlantic relations:

Read the article of Steven Blockmans here.


Biden’s Victory and Europe’s Strategic Autonomy:

Read the article of Sven Biscop here.

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