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Vol. LX:Issue 1 (2007): GLOBAL EUROPE – Special Issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the 60th anniversary of the Institute

Préface, Etienne Davignon Introduction. Global Europe: A Vision — A Power?, Sven Biscop SECURITY – The EU and the Middle East Peace Process: A Balance, Costanza Musu – Europe and […]


Beyond securisation: tackling terror in Africa

On invitation only

In this Africa Briefing the conclusions of the recently published book ”Time for a new approach on terror in Africa?“ will be presented. The aim of this briefing is to […]

Time for a different approach on terror in Africa?

On invitation only

In the past few years, terror campaigns have re-emerged as a significant threat in Africa. These criminal activities have pushed the necessity to address an innovative approach on terror in […]