Jean-Christophe Hoste


+32 (0)2 213 70 16

+32 (0)472 55 44 96


Jean-Christophe currently works as Director of Communications at the Egmont Institute.

Previously he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Africa Programme focussing on political and security dynamics in East Africa. He joined the Africa Programme of Egmont Institute as a Researcher in August 2007 working on L’Observatoire de l’Afrique, African political dynamics, climate change negotiations and club governance. Before joining the Institute, he was an Africa Research Assistant at Crisis Group Nairobi where he studied the effectiveness of sanctions regimes, the African Union, African Security Structures, Africom and terrorism in Africa. In 2006 he was media assistant at Crisis Group.  In 2005 he was Assistant to the Information Officer for the BENELUX and EU, at the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) in Brussels.

Jean-Christophe Hoste holds Master degrees in: Development Cooperation Politics and Conflict (2003) and Comparative Cultural Sciences (2002) both from Ghent University. He is fluent in Dutch, French, English and German.