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EU and China: partners in effective multilateralism

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In the past 10 years the European Union and China have emerged as new international actors. They have an increasingly diverse relationship covering economy, politics, technology, culture and education; but beyond these two-way linkages the EU-China development is also changing the international political environment. One noted US scholar, David Shambaugh, has pointed to a new ‘Strategic Triangle’ between the US, EU, and China. Several other major actors such as Japan, India and Russia are also interested in the ‘EU factor’ in their relations with China; or the ‘China factor’ in their EU relations.  This volume presents contributions from major scholars from Europe and China, which debate the nature, problems and potential of the emerging strategic relationship between the EU and China. Several papers develop new theoretical approaches to regionalism and inter-regionalism. The first major scholarly work to provide a comprehensive overview of EU-China relations and the wider international context, this volume will be essential reading for scholars and students of international relations and policy makers.

in David Kerr and Liu Fei (eds.), The International Politics of EU-China Relations, British Academy Occasional Papers number 10, 2008.
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