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The future of the GX system and global governance

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Edited by Peter Debaere, Dries Lesage & Jan Wouters.


  • The Future of the Gx System and Global Governance: An Introduction, by Peter Debaere, Dries Lesage & Jan Wouters
  • Governing Together: The Gx Future, by John Kirton
  • Russia and the Future of the Gx system, by Victoria V. Panova
  • The Gx Contribution to Multilateral Governance: Balancing Efficiency and Inclusiveness, by Jan Wouters & Sven Van Kerckhoven
  • From Washington to Hangzhou: Does the G20 Live up to its Potential?, by Dries Lesage
  • The Gx Contribution to Global Climate Governance, by Ella Kokotsis
  • Energy Governance in the G7 and G20 after the Ukraine Crisis, by Thijs Van de Graaf
  • The Brussels Summit: Implications for the EU’s Role in the G7, by Peter Debaere
  • Gx Delivery Legitimacy: Compliance by Members, by Marina Larionova & Andrey Shelepov