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Getting our way in a fragmented world: how a more competitive world order challenges our society to get its act together

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The main message of this report is that we still believe in the vast potential of the Belgian society to maintain a good position in the global order. As such, the current economic uncertainty is a wake-up call and should not lead to despair. It is an opportunity also to reflect upon our strength and resilience. The task for our society will be to hedge against new challenges, while remaining committed, for example, to invest in an innovative economy while building a stronger Europe and a safer world. We need to turn the challenges into an opportunity for making our diplomacy more effective and our society more resilient. Retrenchment and a conservative fixation with status quo are no options.

This report was also published in French (‘Trouver notre voie dans un monde fragmenté‘) and in Ducth (‘Een verdeeld land in een verdeelde wereld‘)

A report to the King Baudouin Foundation, Friday Group, April.
(Photo credit: Pixabay)