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Keeping it Together? Realpolitik and Solidarity in a Multipolar World

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The structure of world politics does not change that often, and not that fast either. It has, in fact, been the same for three decades now, and recent events have not changed it. We are living in a multipolar world. The aim of this Policy Brief is to ask: can we keep that world together? There is no simple answer, as multipolarity brings its own challenges, and how to deal with the inherent tensions between powers is a key point, especially if order is to be maintained. Nevertheless, this Policy Brief argues that world order must be built on the principles of peace, open doors that do not lead to exclusive spheres of influence, and reciprocity where all powers observe agreed rules. For the European Union, this means promoting “Effective Multilateralism” where the Union is able to secure its interests while tempering the ill-effects of power politics.


The rest of this article can be found on the Brussels School of Governance website.


(Photo credit:  Joshua Woroniecki, Pixabay)